What's included

    1. Hearth Magic for Turning Inward This Winter Solstice

About this class

  • $40.00
  • 2 hours of video content
  • 30 days of access
As we descend into the reflective embrace of Winter, it’s important that we spend the quietude of this season tending to the energy of our home. For the witch, home is a temple within which we honor our most intimate relationships. Home isn’t just a physical dwelling place. It can also be a sense of belonging, an answered calling, a point of reference, or a hope or desire that begs for realization. When we think of home, we may also think about where we have been, the path that led us to this present moment, and all the ways we’ve learned to name ourselves along the way. Home can be our origin story, our chosen family, and our community. Home truly is where our heart is. The work of the witch is to call our hearts home to where we stand and send the magic of what we stand for into the world.

What we'll explore

The magic in this workshop will provide practical witching work to help you:

  • Develop rituals of energetically and spiritually cleansing your home

  • Engage with your dwellings as a personal temple

  • Draft your own sigils to ward and protect your dwelling place

  • Create inward reflection practices to support your personal self explorations

Your Teacher

Ylva Mara

@bimbo.yaga on Instagram

Ylva Mara (she/they) is a traditional witch, published author, artist, and herbalist. She's also the founder of The School of Traditional Magic, a former High Priestess of Cunning Crow Apothecary & Witches Temple, and one half of the Living Altar.


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    Each workshop recording is available for 30 days after purchase — we are not able to extend your access or grant you a refund for your purchase if you're unable to watch the recording in this time frame.

  • Is this a live class?

    No — this listing is for a recording replay of a live, digital class we've hosted in the past. If you're a busy witch and weren't able to make it to the live gathering, this is the perfect opportunity to access the magic on your own time!

  • What's included with my purchase?

    Your purchase includes 30 days of access to a recording of the workshop. Supplementary materials such as workshop slides, workbooks, and PDFs are not included with your purchase.

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